February 19, 2023

Boosting Brand Awareness and Engagement through Social Media: A Case Study

Social media plays a crucial role in a marketing campaign. This case study showcases the strategic use of social media to promote an urban fantasy book.
February 13, 2023

How this Multi-Industry Merchant and Logistics Company Tracked their QR Codes All Over The World

Case study analyzing how an international logistics and trading company tracked engagement through QR codes.
February 12, 2023

Is Content Marketing Effective?

Content marketing is a cost-effective strategy for building brand awareness and driving website traffic. By creating valuable and relevant content, targeting your audience, and staying up-to-date with trends, you can effectively reach and engage your audience and achieve your marketing goals.
February 11, 2023

Short-Tail Vs. Long-Tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords are broad and have high search volume but low conversion rate, while long-tail keywords are specific and have low search volume but high conversion rate. Both short-tail and long-tail keywords are important in an SEO campaign to increase website traffic and conversions.